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Immigration Applications
Temporary resident applications as visitor, student, worker -Permanent resident applications in the Family Class, Provincial Nominees, Federal Economic Class Applications and applications on Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds.

Same-sex Sponsorship
Representing applicants in same-sex relationships, both Canadians sponsoring a spouse or partner as well as foreign same-sex couples applying for permanent residence, has been a major focus of my practice since 1991.

Citizenship ​Law
With all the legislative changes over the years this can be a challenging area to navigate without experienced legal counsel.

LGBTQ Refugee Claims
I have represented LGBTQ refugees in both overseas and in Canada refugee claims based on sexual orientation and gender identity since the early 1990s from every region in the world.

Immigration for HIV Positive Applicants
Offering services for temporary resident and permanent resident applications where inadmissibility on medical grounds may be an issue.

Wills, Powers of Attorney & Representation Agreements
Planning for incapacity and estate planning for individuals and couples to ensure that their wishes are given legal effect.